Awards night results

A fantastic night was had at our annual awards ceremony, held on Friday 9th February at Percy Park, with around 150 members attending. Our thanks to the great team of volunteers that made it possible and thanks to Calibre for sponsoring the night.

The full list of award winners is:
1. Chairman’s Award – Hugh Roberts
2. High Hopes Award – Lee Cuthbertson
3. Coach Of The Year – Martin Kitching
4. Mileage Award – Derek Billham
5. Selfless Helper Award – Gary Wallace
6. Spirit of NTR (Man) – Colin Tupman
7. Spirit of NTR (Woman) – Ruth Marshall
8. Men’s Race Award – Sean Kennedy
9. Women’s Race Award – Paula Salter
10. Most Improved Woman – Louise Atkinson
11. Most Improved Man – Karl Harrison
12. Woman Of The Year – Ruth Marshall
13. Man Of The Year – Mark Killing

Bring it on 2018!!




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