NTR Ride Guide

New to the club? Or been with the club a long time but still not attended a week ride?

Wondered what all the weird acronyms mean, and what speed you’ll realistically be riding at? Here’s a brief guide to the NTR Road Rides you should be joining in with if you’re new to road riding and NTR –

This is the main NTR Road night (and post ride pub social night too). All abilities are covered, and if you’re a new member it’s the best place to start to get a feel for your ability compared to other club riders. There are 3 different rides under the banner of TNT (Tuesday Night Training) which all meet at the Priory in Tynemouth, it can look a bit confusing but here we go –

BAIT (Beginners and Improvers Training) is the by far the first port of call for you if you’re new to road riding or riding in groups. Speed is dictated by the slowest rider, and all rides are back marked. You’ll not get left alone. The speed is capped between 12-15 mph dependent on riders, and it’s a great starting point for gauging your abilities.

Once you’ve settled in here for a few weeks or months, the next step up is:

Backworth Loop is again an intermediate aimed ride (this time on a more inland route) for people looking for a natural progression up from BAIT. Avg of 14 – 16mph


TIGR (Tuesdays Intermediate Group Training) which steps the speed up and offers various distances too depending on numbers. Avg of 16 – 18mph

The important thing on a Tuesday night at the Priory if it’s your first time is to find a ride leader (there are many so you shouldn’t struggle if you ask around), ideally a good 10 minutes before the ride, and and have a chat about what group you’d be best to go with. They’ll make sure you are well looked after.

For those who like hills, we’ve got you covered on Tuesday nights too

Humps and Lumps Training (HALT) meets at the entrance to Hadrians Cycleway in Wallsend and takes on various hilly routes, in supportive and back marked groups. You’ll be split in to ability groups and pace will be dictated by the slowest rider with regroups at the top of each hill.

BAILALT (beginner’s and improvers loops & laps training). This is all about pacelines, riding in tight groups just like the pro’s do. It’s not about speed, it’s about riding together taking turns on the front in a controlled manner. Ideally you’ll have done a few sessions at BAIT on a Tuesday before attending this if you’re new to riding in groups.

Hopefully that helps to give you some idea of the training rides aimed at new riders. We have rides on Mondays and Wednesday nights aimed at more experienced riders, and of course our Friday night and Sunday social rides too, so there’s something for everyone.

Full descriptions with speeds, routes and meet up spots are here

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