**Junior Subs Update**

Following last night’s Club Committee meeting – we have decided to take payments for Junior subs by Standing Order direct into the club account.

North Tyneside Riders
09-01-28 93126532


This makes it easier for us as a club as we have tried running a cashless system by receiving transfers for ‘blocks’ of weeks but this has been very difficult to reconcile with attendance.

The cost will be £10 per month per child which works out to be more effective than paying £3 each week.
Please may we ask that you set this up asap. If you cannot set up in time for 1st October due to the incredibly short notice then please ensure a Standing Order is set up by 1st November then payable 1st every month thereafter. (An online payment will still have to be made for the month of October at £10 per child)

Please use Reference ‘JUNIOR – with your childs initials’
ie I’d use ‘JUNIOR BN’ for Ben Nelson and ‘JUNIOR ON’ for Ollie Nelson.

If you have any queries as a result of makng recent bank transfers please contact;


Thankyou good people for your patience & understanding in helping us make the Junior side of the club slick and seamless!

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