Cyclocross and off-road bike skill sessions 

With the sun out and the lighter days here many of us are hitting the tarmac and taking part in longer rides, TT’s or riding that little bit further for coffee and cake.

On the flip side, we have a group from the off-road NTR Dirtbag section of the club that are eyeing up the start of the cyclocross season which kicks off in September.


These guys and girls have found a patch of land with a few ups, downs and straights to poll up a selection of courses to help practice their bike control skills.

The NTR girls team came third in the NE CXNE league last season and we think the boys need to do some catching up. Hopefully these skills sessions they are doing will help hit this target for the new season.

Cyclocross is a fast-growing sport, it involves racing around an off-road course littered with various obstacles from sharp turns, steep ups and downs, sleepers, tree roots, mud and sand. Believe it or not, the bike handling skills learned from cyclocross are fully transferable to the road riding giving riders confidence to control the bike in emergency situations.

Many of our member race in the CXNE and NECCL Super Saturday weekend leagues over the winter.