Beginners and Intermediates stopover ride up at Edmundbyers

What a brilliant weekend away for the Beginners and Intermediates stopover ride up at Edmundbyers.

On the first day they all got a good soaking on the way to Corbridge before drying off once the climbing started on the way up.

The intermediates were lucky enough to receive a second soaking on the decent from Crawlyside to Edmundbyers. The night time was great and the food at the pub was decent. Day 2 was sunny for the best part with some tough climbs to contend with. Both groups did exceptional considering the amount of climbing with everyone pushing the boundaries of what they thought they could do, mahoosive kudos to you all!

An awesome display of NTR team work and encouragement. A good time had by all with some fantastic company. Thanks to everyone who came along, you are epic!