Prissick Coaching Session

As the spring is starting to slowly creep in and the temperatures are rising, our coach Martin Kitching very kindly put on a training session at Prissick.

Martin’s comments of the day:

Excellent effort by everyone at our coaching session yesterday. Congratulations to Gary, winning the 2019 NTR Race with 2017 champion Derek not quite at the top of his game after riding the 56 miles to Prissick into a headwind (Respect!).  Kudos to Will who took part in the NTR Juniors session and then comfortably set the fastest time in a 200m deadman sprint at the start of the adult session.

All images by Sarah Barratt

Also, there were brilliant efforts by the NTR Juniors.  Congratulations to Katie, winning the NTR Juniors race by building a small lead and defending it with Harrison in 2nd place putting her under pressure for the final lap.  Kudos to Will H., Charlie and Will M. for the support they provided to the younger juniors too.