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This page is a collection of Strava routes of regular rides that club members go on for you to view and use. We have our weekly club ride routes, regular Sunday longer rides around Northumberland and our longer favourite routes. Please note we take no responsibility for any errors in these routes – riders be aware!


We also have two Strava groups – Friends of North Tyneside Riders and NTR CC Members Only.

NameDistanceHeight gained
NTR Offroad MMMMM Rising Sun route14.47mi73ft
NTR Offroad Tyne \u0026 Wear Oh Dear Gravel69.83mi262ft
NTR Offroad ChristMMMMMas Route11.35mi33ft
NTR Offroad Mixed Surface Spring Training Route58.12mi278ft
NTR Offroad MMMMM Winter Alternative15.12mi54ft
NTR Offroad Reverse Tanfield37.15mi193ft
NTR Offroad Tanfield Gravel41.35mi208ft
NTR Offroad Bridges \u0026 Tunnels10.04mi31ft
NTR Offroad B2B Half Fat version15.45mi43ft
NTR Offroad B2B17.46mi40ft
NTR – Seahouses Spring Classic108.08mi406ft
NTR Earsdon Boot3.61mi11ft
NTR Offroad MMMMM The Fat Cat Winter Route15.76mi41ft
NTR GG25.08mi86ft
NTR Offroad MMMMM Fat cat reverse18.85mi53ft
NTR Beaumont loop15.23mi44ft
NTR – BB40.90mi152ft
NTR – HALT dark nights17.30mi123ft
NTR – Backworth loop22.60mi66ft
NTR Two Peters’ Hills 12.01mi67ft
NTR – HALT Beamish30.99mi213ft

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