Club Rides

We ride most nights of the week and on Sundays.  Members often post their own rides on our Facebook page too. Check out the Strava routes for our weekly rides.

These rides are for paid members of the club. Non-members may attend up to 3 club rides before committing to joining. If you’d like to try a ride please come along a little earlier than the start time and introduce yourself to the ride leader for a quick briefing.

Here is the list of our current rides:



Marky Marks Muddy Monday Meander (M.M.M.M.M.)
When: first and third Monday of the month
Meet: 7:00pm at Fat Butcher shop, next to Preston Grange Morrison
Distance: Approx 20 miles
Average speed: Dependant on the slowest rider.
Route: Strava

Marky Marks Muddy Monday Meander is held fortnightly. Off road capable bikes (lots of dirt, gravel, roots and rocks). Fat bikes, CX bike, Gravel bikes, and mostly really comfortable looking suspension equipped mountain bikes come this way for night riding fun.

If you’ve an itching for some bitching trails then roll up on the fattest tyres you can put your hands on and come have a blast in the dark. This is a no drop ride, average speed dictated by the slowest rider. Strong (400 lumen and above) lights required.

B2B Beacon to Beacon
When: second and forth Monday of the month
Meet: 7:00pm The Beacon, Earsdon Rd, Whitley Bay NE25 9PT
Distance: Approx 26 miles
Average speed: min 11mph to keep the group together
Route: Strava

B2B is for all you mud lovers who want something more challenging and want to improve their skills. Technical tree roots, deep mud and a minimum average speed of 11mph (to keep group together) . It’s aimed at intermediate off road riders, so judge your abilities accordingly. The route will be altered now and again to mix it up a bit but it will always be ” Beacon to Beacon “.

Suitable for MTB , CX and Hybrids with grippy tyres . Also front light above 800 lumens is a must through the winter months. Try it, you might like it !!

Please do indicate on our Club Facebook page that you are intending on going to a ride, or not if your circumstances change. The Facebook event will also be used to communicate to riders any other important information, such as weather updates or the need to cancel.

Rob at the Back (RATB)
Meet: Longsands car park, St. George’s Church end, Tynemouth 6:30pm
Average speed: 15-18mph

Three options, depending on numbers, primarily aimed at intermediates.This in an intermediate speed ROAD route for those riders who want to push themselves a little (but not a lot) without the threat of being left for dust. Nobody will be dropped – Rob will be permanently stationed at the back of the peloton. Two faster options if numbers allow 17-19 mph and 19 – 21+ mph. Please always come prepared to ride the standard route.

People at the front are free to ride off at their own speed but there are TWO ENFORCED REGROUPING POINTS: Broadway Chippy in Blyth going north, and Blyth South Beach Mermaid Carpark Entrance coming south.



Beginner And Improver Training (BAIT)
Meet: 6.45pm at Tynemouth Priory
Distance: 15-20 miles
Average speed: Beginners 12-15mph max, Intermediate 15-20mph depending on group

The NTR BAIT (Beginners and Improvers Training) ride is a great entry point to the club, and group riding in general. The ride is fully supported by an enthusiastic team of experienced riders and will focus on riding as a group, ride etiquette and building confidence.

Segregated into matched abilities groups of 6-8 riders will work as a team to complete various loops around the coastal area, each offering different distances and challenges.

Intermediates will find this a tester to tackling other more demanding/faster rides offered in the week, or just a fun leg stretcher. Everyone is welcome to join in but pace should be regulated to keep groups together.

Tuesday Intermediate Group Ride (TIGR)
Meet: 6.40pm at Tynemouth Priory
Distance: 30-50 miles depending on group
Average speed: 16-18 mph, depending on numbers

This ride is aimed at intermediate riders who would like to ride in a friendly and supportive group but push the pace.

TIGR is a no drop ride with average speeds of 16-18 mph; depending on numbers, the evening may also offer higher average speed groups along with an introduction to TIGR ride.

There will be two options on offer each week:

1. Riders will organise themselves into ideally groups of 6-8 who will work as a team to complete various loops around the coastal area – each group should agree on a route, stops, sprint sections etc before setting off.

Routes to consider:
Non-stop GP Trot
Bebside Blast
RATB loop via Blyth

2. TIGR45. A longer 35-50 mile ride for riders who would like increase stamina or prepare for longer rides over the summer. There will be no stops other than for regrouping if necessary. This will not be a fast ride, but please only attend if you are confident of riding this distance at an average of 17 mph (or happy to find your own way home). Once out onto quieter roads, the group can try it’s hand at group work to assist the pace and share workloads on the front.

36 miles –
40 miles –

Riders head to the Exchange, North Shields for a post ride beverage and debrief.

Humps and Lumps Training (HALT)
Meet: 7pm at red arch for the Hadrian cycle way in Wallsend NE28 6HZ
Distance: 19 miles

This is a ride for people who enjoy a hill or two or just want to improve their hill climbing ability. The ride starts from the red arch for the Hadrian cycle way on Hadrian road, Wallsend. This is a go at your own pace or blast it ride, its entirely up to you. We may split up in to ability groups at the start depending on numbers and riders. We begin by doing 2 loops of the original H.A.L.T course around Rose hill before heading towards North Shields taking in every hump and lump inbetween (there’s more than you think!). The course is 19 miles long with around 1,300ft of climbing. The last hill brings us nicely to the Exchange pub in North Shields for a well earned debrief.



Guidepost Gallop and Guidepost Trot

The start for GG/GT ride is the BRIERDENE PUB for all riders at 18:30.

Same route, three options:
GG (Guidepost Gallop) 20+ average with Rob Bolton
GT18 (Guidepost Trot) 18+ average with Suzanne McArdle
GT16 (Guidepost Trot) 16+ average with Mick Chappel

This ride is aimed at those wanting a FASTER ride, and there are three average speed target groups. Please bear in mind that an average speed is over the full distance, so it includes faster and slower bits. The targets may move upwards slightly depending on the group but they’re unlikely to move downwards.

There are NO BACK MARKER for this ride and apart from the regrouping points, the rides will not wait for people who fall off the back, so you’re advised to study the route above and know how to get home if you get separated from the group.

If you do get really separated from the group, don’t despair – it’s happened to all of us many times before. Just get home safe, and come back again next time.

1. Aiming to stay together as a group, straight up the coast past the Broadway Chippy, past both ASDAs, over the railway lines, to the right turn into Furnace Bank at Bebside.

2. At top of Furnace Bank climb, cross the road with care and brief ENFORCED REGROUP HALT on the other side of the road. This ROAD IS VERY BUSY and it frequently takes time for a whole group to cross safely.

3. Full steam ahead to Bombersund, Stakeford, Guidepost, Bedlington, Horton By Blyth via Bedlington Bonk South, with right turn BEFORE The Horseshoes pub, to the old fire station at Shankhouses.

4. Brief ENFORCED REGROUP HALT at old fire station Shankhouses

5. Whole group 2 mile best effort as group chain or individual SPRINT on Keel Row Sprint segment towards Seaton Delaval. This is a busy commuter road with patchy tarmac repairs – SINGLE FILE please, unless performing a clean overtake manoeuvre with care.

6. Quick REGROUP HALT on left at the roundabout at end of Keel Row Sprint.

7. Slick but manageable group pace back to RV via The Gimp Segment (but with no individual attempts at the segment).

As this is an attempt at trying to strike a balance between keeping people together whilst not having too many stops. There are bound to be some unanticipated issues. I’d welcome feedback in that regard. Overall, it’s a nice route with some nice long stretches.


Intermediate Loops and Laps (LALT) 


MEETING POINT: Tynemouth Priory
AVERAGE SPEED: 16-18 mph
Secondary meeting point is Southridge First School about 18:45

The fast Wednesday rides have been packed away until Spring. This is a regular easier winter training ride to keep the legs turning. It comprises EIGHT loops and laps on Beaumont loop in Monkseaton/Whitley Bay, suitable for most riders who are comfortable and confident in moving traffic and negotiating junctions. The session aims to build on communication and group riding skills.

The route incorporates roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and assorted obstacles, and there is minimal opportunity to gain any significant speed on any of the loops. This is therefore NOT a speedy ride and the emphasis will be on building up group riding skills, such as effective teamwork in adverse weather, communicating well with each other, and communicating with traffic sharing the same roads.

We will be using well lit roads with fairly good surfaces, but bike lights front and back are mandatory. The loop is relatively sheltered from most bad weather most of the time.

You will be assigned randomly to different groups at the start, with the aim of having mixed talents in each group.



Beginners Loops and Laps Training (BAILALT)
Meet: 6.30pm, Tynemouth Priory
Distance: 17 miles
Average speed: 14-16mph

If you’re running late, the group will be riding along the seafront from Tynemouth and up Monkseaton Drive. It should arrive at Southridge school on Beaumont Drive at about 18:45.

This session is aimed firmly at BEGINNERS AND IMPROVERS who have previously attended at least 5 or 6 Tuesday night BAIT. Experienced riders wanting to work on their own skills and to assist and teach others at the same time are welcome to join in, but please be aware that you should not be pushing the pace for the other riders.

LALT comprises a set of 6 or 7 suburban loops and laps, suitable for most riders who are comfortable and confident in moving traffic and negotiating junctions. The route aims to build on skills from Tuesday NTR rides.

The Monkseaton Drive section incorporates roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and assorted obstacles, and will need to be ridden single file only, regrouping at the school.

This is NOT A SPEED DRILL and the emphasis will be on building up group riding skills, such as effective teamwork in adverse weather, communicating well with each other, and communicating with traffic sharing the same roads.

We will be using well lit roads with fairly good surfaces, but you might like to consider some form of bike lighting whilst the sun is low in the sky.



Super Sunday Social
Meet: Various points, check Facebook club page for details
Distance: Ride A 40-50 miles, Ride B 60-70 miles
Average speed:  Ride A 14 mph, Ride B 16-17 mph

Join us on a Sunday for our selection of social rides which take in a cafe stop at one of the lovely cycle cafes that the North East offers us.

The rides are broken into two routes and change on a weekly basis:

Ride A: Easy pace and suitable for novice and social riders ranging between 40–50 miles with an average pace of 14 mph.

Ride B: Intermediates and suitable for those who are happy to push the pace and distance a little ranging between 60–70 miles with an average pace of 16 – 17 mph.

On the road we will try to ride in a group of no larger than 10 as an absolute maximum, when it’s necessary to split a group each will have its own nominated ride leader and back marker. Please listen to your group leader as they are there to not only ensure your ride is enjoyable but safe too – please communicate with the leader if you have a problem whilst riding. All rides are assured no-drop and ride leaders will ensure everyone gets out and back safety.

Early Hills
Meet: Various, at least monthly, check Facebook club page for details

This ride is aimed at intermediate riders or above who like a lump or 2 with their cycling and tries to return back to the starting point by 1:30 pm freeing up the rest of the day to do with as you (your other half) wants to.

Club 100 miler

From time-to-time when the weather is suitable and the demand is high enough we will put on a long Sunday 100 mile ride. This will be for the confident rider already used to long days in the saddle. There will be a good deal of climbing with average speeds of 15+ mph. There would be an impromptu cafe stop to re fuel and almost certainly calling in at The Exchange at the end. Bring pocket-snacks and a waterproof.

Always best to download the route to your Garmin/Wahoo in case you get separated from the group.

Please do indicate on our Club Facebook page that you are intending on going to a ride, or not if your circumstances change. The Facebook event will also be used to communicate to riders any other important information, such as the decided route, weather updates or the need to cancel.

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