Club rides

We ride most nights of the week and on Sundays.  Members often post their own rides on our Facebook page too. Check out the Strava routes page for some of our regular routes.

These rides are for paid members of the club. Non-members may attend up to 3 club rides before committing to joining. If you’d like to try a ride please come along a little earlier than the start time and introduce yourself to the ride leader for a quick briefing.

Here is the list of our current regular weekly rides, these can change and are weather dependant so please check the events section of our members only Facebook page or contact our Club Captain at for assistance:-


Tuesday night training (TNT)
Meet: 18:40pm at Tynemouth Priory
Distance: 15-20 miles
Average speed: Beginners groups from 12-15mph, then others at 15-17mph, 17-20mph

Beginners – An ideal entry point into the club. This is a fully supported ride for those new to cycling in a group, with a capped maximum average speed of 15mph.

Introduction to Intermediates – For those looking to develop their fitness and cycling ability. Riders are split into speed classified groups with a back marker, as such this is a no drop ride giving cyclists a chance to push themselves in a supported environment.

Hills and lumps training (HALT)
Meet: 18:30 Red arch on Hadrian’s Cycleway, Wallsend. Secondary meeting point The Cycle Hub, Newcastle Quayside during summer months only.

Route will be one of the following:-

A ride of approximately 30 miles with 6 climbs covering 2400ft of ascent around either Beamish or Gibside. This is a no drop ride with a regroup at the top of each hill. Everyone climbs hills at different speeds so don’t worry you will be in good company.

In winter months or in poor weather the route uses the hills around Willington Quay, Royal Quays and the Fish Quay as an alternative.

You are advised to have good working lights on this ride.


Guidepost Gallop/Trot (GG/GT)
Meet: 18:30pm, Brierdene Pub, Whitley Bay
Distance: 25 miles
Average Speed: GG 18-19mph/ GT16-18mph

This ride is aimed at those wanting a faster ride. Ideally suits those wanting to push themselves whilst knowing they can always join one of the following slower groups if it’s a little too fast or you are having a bad day. We’re targeting 18-19mph average for the GG and 16-18mph for the GT over the full route, including headwinds and tailwinds. The target may move upwards slightly depending on the group but it’s unlikely to move downwards. This is a popular ride and there may be more groups split by expected averages and it is important to ensure you know which group you have joined… but you can always drop back into a slower group.

There is no back marker for this ride, so you’re advised to study the route above and know how to get home if you get separated from the group.

NOTE: In winter this ride reverts to a local loop, usually Beaumont Park, where we concentrate on riding in formation in a tight group.


Beginners and intermediates training – hills (BAIT Hills)

Meet: 18:30pm at Tynemouth Priory
Hosted by The Two Peter’s this ride for beginners and intermediates takes on the hills of North Shields Fish Quay and Royal Quays Marina and finishes at at Tynemouth Station.

If you want to get better at hills and you want to stay local, then this is the ride for you!

Groups will be split depending on numbers and these groups will regroup as necessary at various points on the route.


Sunday Club Run
Meet: Various – events section of our members only Facebook page or contact our Club Captain at for assistance
Distance: 40-60 miles
Average speed: 15mph to 18/19mph in various groups depending on terrain

A weekly social ride and cake/coffee run. This is a no drop ride supported by a backmarker, with an emphasis on riding as a group. Routes and starting points may vary, for more information check our Facebook club page.

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